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Open Source Security & Management Optimized for DevOps

Black Duck gives development, operations, and security teams the tools they need to get the benefits of open source, while minimizing the security, license compliance, and code quality risks that can come with it.

Black Duck

Automate open source security and license compliance during application development.

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Prevent open source vulnerabilities from impacting production container deployments.

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Technology Optimized for the Demands of DevOps

Agile development? Continuous integration and delivery? Automated deployment? Not a problem! With Black Duck, you can continue to build fast while staying secure. Black Duck solutions are built on technologies optimized for agile development and DevOps.

  • Fast and accurate multi-factor open source detection
  • End-to-end integration with the most popular development tools and container platforms
  • Enhanced Vulnerability Data providing more information and earlier warning than NVD
  • Comprehensive open source KnowledgeBase™ with information from over 9,000 sources
  • Easy definition and automated enforcement of open source security and use policies

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Tools for Open Source Project Teams

Does your team build open source components? Black Duck offers free solutions that help open source development communities manage, protect, and promote their work.

Black Duck CoPilot

Open source projects are often built using other open source components. Black Duck CoPilot helps open source project teams verify that their public GitHub projects don’t pull in vulnerabilities through dependencies on other open source components, and helps them communicate the security status of their component to users via the Black Duck security badge.

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The Black Duck OpenHub community helps open source project leads, developers, and users aggregate and analyze information for their projects. Project leads and developers can build their “open source resume”, while open source consumers can use the information provided to help them select the best open source components for their application.

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